Guidelines for transition

The transition network has set up a list of guidelines…
”Encouragement, good examples, positive visions, creativity, inspiration, celebration, fun, dreams”.

Proposed new realistic guidelines for transition movements:

1. Ooops… we will most likely hit 3 degrees… resources will be scarce, people will most likely be nasty to each other and 100´s of millions migrate or die.
Let´s try to be among the survivors.

2. Shit… the politicians are not going to solve this… neither are the scientists or ”the market”. We are in for a game changer, lets focus on adaption to some worst case scenarios.

3. Lets not pretend we can keep making babies, flying and driving cars, what ever fuel they run on. All modern human activity have negative impact on ecosystems.

4. Stop watching Hollywood movies, stop feeding your thoughts from the global main stream media. Start being the main character in your own story and make sure it is going in some, for you, sustainable direction.

5. Big cities are not sustainable, stop listening to people from cities, they are biased.

6. Religions are bloody dangerous, they make people believe they are the image of a god and that there are some purpose in what happens and that there is a happy ending. Stop consuming the religious fantasy. And lets try to stop being fucking arrogant towards nature.

7. Stop complaining and nagging and preaching, and go out and produce something that relates to your basic needs (not money).

8. Stay aware and focused, and you and your children may be among the survivors.

9. Create a platform of ”strength”, and you may be able to help others.

10. If you REALLY want to do something about this looming climate and environmental crisis… then:
1) Do not fly
2) Do not make children
3) Do not fly
4) Do not fly
5) Stop eating meat
6) Stop eating meat
7) Do not use a car
8) Do not buy more (new) clothes
9) Stop buying things that needs to be transported
10) Stop buying things
11) Use less energy (electricity, oil e t c)
12) Do not give you money to the wrong people

Kollapsologen är ett kollektiv av skribenter som tillsammans skapar en civilisationskritisk blogg som resonerar kring frågor som: klimatförändring, kollaps, omställning, prepping, ekonomisk recession, hot mot demokratin, hot mot välfärdssamhället, matförsörjning, ekologi, energibrist, fossila bränslen, krig, geopolitik, svält, migration, samhällskollaps e t c.
Vad är kollapsologi? Hur stor är risken för en samhällskollaps? Hur kan en kollaps kunna komma att se ut? Hur kan civilisationen se ut efter olika kollapser?

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