Divide and conquer

Lately about 100+ Russian trolls have signed up to this blog.
Probably in the hope that a blog flirting with the name ”Collapse”… must be great to support in order to destabilize Sweden, now that Sweden OFFICIALLY wants to join Nato.

Enforcing the concept that there is a limit to growth and applying that to human civilization and our society today may lead you to the conviction that there may be a change in the way society function – or with another word a ”collapse” of they way we live, and the way we use resources. And in that process there may be situations where humans may not be nice to each other.

USA may invade Irak because they want to control their oil, and Russia may invade Ukraine because they want to steal that countries resources, including the benefits of its geopolitical position.

Collapse and its bi-effects (war) may in the individual induce some sorrow, or panic, or apathy. Even hedonism and nihilism.

If that happens in ”the west”, in Sweden – that would be great for Russian imperialisms.
Thus there is some Russians working in a place in ST. Petersburg (55 Savushkina Street), called the Internet Research Agency or what we would call (one of) the Russian Troll factory. What is flattering is that some person there has identified this micro blogg that creates close to zero interest in the Swedish audience, is worth their time to encourage us to keep writing by registering up to a hundred registered members to this blogg – so that we believe that someone is actually reading.


And now that I have your attention dear troll let me take the opportunity to say:

  • Russia has no right to be an empire and harass and invade its neighbors.
  • Neither has USA and it may be so that USA is using Ukraine to oppose ”russian interests”, but that is not the main thing. What you should know is that Ukraina is a culture and nation of their own and wants to remain so and that is why they fight back (with whatever weapons they can get their hands on)… and they are doing fairly well. The Ukrainians has taught us Swedes that the Russian dictatorship can not be trusted and also that one does not have to fear the Russian army that much – Sweden with its allies is now ready to block any attempts of expansion of Russia – with full force if it is a Nato country and with lots of support if it is not.
  • We will not forget what you did to Ukraine. Or what you the dictatorship is doing to your own citizens… so dear troll – you and other creatures of the Maffia in Kreml run the risk of being held accountable of Russia’s behavior and the war in Ukraine.
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